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Food Processing Machinery Market in China (3) oil processing
Within the industry of oil processing equipment, the experts believe it should be appropriately expanded. By the end of 1997, the output of China's vegetable oil processing enterprises (township and county level and above) were about 8.94 million tons per year; edible oil per capita is about 7.4kg.

Adjusted in 1998, vegetable oil processing enterprises increased to an annual output of 6,020,000 tons of vegetable oil. Annual per capita edible oil for the world was 14kg,and it was estimated that by 2010, China's annual per capita edible oil would increase to 10kg. With the improvement of living standards, there was a transition from the consumption of edible oil to refined oil. It was used in salads, cooking, and concern for nutrition and health was growing. Current adaptation of fuel in the majority of the rural power rotating machinery can be divided into two major categories:  oil expeller and hydraulic oil expeller.  There was a total of more than a dozen varieties and specifications, as well as cleaning, shelling, cooking, oil filters and more than twenty varieties of equipment specifications, these changes benefited the market greatly. At present, the city with a large oil refinery production of leaching, and solvent extraction technology has developed rapidly, and it is believed that this will gradually replace the mechanical mill press.

In recent years, the Levels of the commonly used rotary, crawler and pot groups Extractor, have evolved into a ring extractor, flat turn extractor and other new products. Oil extraction plants will be gradually growing to the middle and large-scale development ranges. In recent years, oil extraction has been expanding because of the emergence of new technologies, which have greatly improved the extraction capacity. The processing equipment has been developed in China; the future will be extended gradually.

With an overall improvement in the standard of living, the quality of edible oils is becoming more and more important, and there is an increasing proportion of refined oils. At present, China's oil refining machinery is smaller, generally 20 ~ 50t / d. Production is more intermittent, and eventually there will be a gradual expansion continuous, automatic, large-scale production.

Experts point out that oil processing technology and equipment development started late in China, the scale is not large, the future will develop, but the speed is not incredibly fast.
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